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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DAN Insurance - Dive Prepared!

Picture this: you’re on vacation, in a new and exotic part of the world. (If you’re really lucky, you might even be in Grand Cayman.) You’ve been saving and looking forward to it for months. You’re excited to try scuba diving for the first time, and why shouldn’t you be? You’re in one of the premiere diving capitals of the world! So between the sun, the sea, and the cocktails with little umbrellas in them, you’re probably not thinking of anything as mundane as insurance. After all, you already have medical insurance, right? Well, you might not be as covered as you think. Typical primary medical coverage does not always include scuba diving, considering it a hazardous recreational activity, and many such plans do not cover you when traveling outside the country. Whilst most diving accidents can typically be avoided through proper training and smart planning, it’s important to make sure that you and your dive buddies are covered for any eventuality.

Here at Red Sail Sports, we have long championed DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance for all of our divers, new and seasoned alike. The primary advantage of choosing DAN insurance is that it caters exclusively to scuba lovers, meaning you are insured specifically against those medical issues encountered most frequently by divers. DAN, for example, offers full coverage of any and all decompression chamber treatments, as opposed to traditional insurance, which pays for either the minimal chamber time, or none at all.  In the event of a serious accident, DAN can also coordinate your emergency evacuation, which for the uninsured will cost thousands. (It’s also prudent to remember that some dive destinations offer less than first-world standards medical care, meaning the possibility of requiring airlift to a better-equipped facility is always present.) 

DAN insurance provides coverage for all types of divers, whether you dive regularly, or only a few times a year. DAN can even cover divers who are not yet certified, in preparation for their first forays into the underwater world. And at DAN, everyone is covered irrespective of certification level, age, or nationality – even snorkelers and free divers are eligible! Plans with DAN are also extremely flexible, with minimum 10-30 day plans for those not lucky enough to dive on a regular basis. For example, a 30-day plan with DAN costs only $50USD, or $40USD for 10 days. When taking into consideration the sheer cost of a diving accident, including hospital transfers, emergency airlifts, decompression sessions and general medical, the total can stretch well into the thousands of dollars. The DAN Dive Accident Insurance Plans are recognized globally, and give you immediate access to their 24-hour emergency helpline. For a mere $50, you are not only buying insurance – you are also buying peace of mind, for yourself and your loved ones.

Feeling a little underprepared? Then call Red Sail Sports today! We offer on-the-spot purchase of short-term DAN insurance plans through all of our dive shops, meaning you can not only book courses and dives with us, but immediate insurance coverage as well. If you are booking dive packages ahead of time, we can also organize your insurance, ensuring it will take effect the day you start diving. So take the stress out of your vacation, and organize your DAN insurance today. We hope you don’t need it, but we want you to be in the best possible hands just in case. Because after all, a safe diver is a happy diver, and at Red Sail Sports we live for happy divers! 

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Caribbean Producer Services

A local man in Selsey, UK recently found himself runner-up in a nation-wide photography competition, which sounds pretty good, right? Well, maybe not as good as you’d think. He was runner-up in’s ‘Worst Holiday Photo’ competition, taking (almost) poll position for this diving “action shot” – although he was supposed to catch the diver before he hit the water.

As this Selsey man will attest, snapping holiday pictures might be the job with the most pressure, and it isn’t always the easiest to get right either. Underwater photos are particularly difficult for novice photographers, especially for first-time divers. Luckily, Red Sail Sports has you covered in this department! Amanda Nicholls and her team at Caribbean Producer Services have been documenting holiday goers’ dives for over 8 years, in partnership with Red Sail Sports. From that momentous first dive, to smooching stingrays and everything in between (underwater shoot in full snow skiing gear, anyone?), the talented women at CPS know how important it is to capture your vacation, so that you may enjoy the memories for years to come.

Here in the Cayman Islands and at Red Sail Sports, we believe that vacations are meant for relaxing, not stressing that you forgot your camera charger and missed the perfect moment. That’s why we work so closely with CPS, to ensure that they capture your memories, leaving you free to enjoy the moment for yourself. Amanda and her team are the authority in underwater photography on island, meaning that you and your snaps are in the best possible hands. CPS offers photographs for sale on an individual basis, as well as package deals for full disks. Want to start enjoying your pictures right away? No problem! CPS’s presence on Red Sail’s many dive boats and catamarans means that they can conveniently burn your photographs to disk on the boat, so that you get to walk away with memories in hand. Head to to learn more about the CPS team and their terrific photographs.  

All this talk of vacations whetting your appetite for a little relaxation? Don’t wait – guarantee yourself a slice of the action – shots, that its! – and book your next diving holiday through Red Sail Sports. Visit to see all of our diving packages and Stingray City trips today, including our upcoming Summer Spectacular and Legends & Lions discounted packages. Dive in and let Red Sail Sports and Caribbean Producer Services make your next vacation an extra special (and stress-free!) one. Happy snapping everyone!